In order to promote reflection and synthesis, this activity invites students to select from among many types of creative media production as a means to demonstrate their learning.

LEAP #4. Create Propaganda

DUE: Monday, May 7

In LEAP 4, you apply what you have learned about propaganda to create 2 forms of beneficial propaganda for a current, ongoing campaign at DOSOMETHING.ORG. You carefully document your propaganda mini-campaign on your blog and write a reflective essay explaining how you applied key ideas and principles in your creative work as a propagandist and reflecting on what you learned.

Think of LEAP 4 as “creating to learn.” This is your opportunity to create a propaganda mini-campaign as a way to demonstrate your ability to use what you have learned and to synthesize an understanding of some of the information and ideas that you’ve been thinking about and exploring all semester in this course.

LEAP 4 is designed to give you the opportunity (1) to apply specific ideas from the course in creating contemporary propaganda mini-campaign for a social cause; (2) to experiment with creating propaganda using two different modes of expression and communication and (3) to reflect on your strategy in developing a propaganda mini-campaign by applying concepts and insights from the course learning experiences.

CREATE TO LEARN: In developing your mini-campaign, you must choose a topic from the DOSOMETHING.ORG list of current campaigns and you must create two formats of media from the list below:

  • A podcast, uploaded to SoundCloud and no longer than 6 minutes in length
  • An infographic, with at least 4 panels of original content
  • A screencast video, uploaded to YouTube and no longer than 5 minutes
  • Animation video, uploaded to YouTube and no longer than 5 minutes
  • A series of images uploaded to Instagram (suggested number: 7 – 15)
  • Video, any format, uploaded to YouTube and no longer than 5 minutes
  • 15 original memes (created by you) and presented as a sequence of images with music

Learn more about free and low-cost tools for producing here. You are expected to post something about your wok to the DOSOMETHING.ORG website.

On collaboration: You are free to work with a class partner on the development of your mini-campaign because the best creative ideas are often generated through collaboration and teamwork. However, each student will be responsible for creating 2 work products and each student will write an independent essay, reflecting on the strategy and learning experience.

Criteria for Evaluation

1. You have developed a propaganda mini-campaign specifically for one of the DOSOMETHING.ORG campaigns using key principles and ideas learned from the course. As part of your campaign, you have created two original forms of media from the list provided by the instructor. You have designed propaganda messages that reflect the specific goals of the DOSOMETHING campaign you’ve selected and demonstrated awareness of distinctive characteristics of each media format you used.

2. Your work is creative and original and you have clearly applied your strong understanding of propaganda principles in creating media designed to influence public opinion. You have included a display of the propaganda you created on your blog.

3. In an essay posted to your blog, you have described your campaign strategy and goals and documented your production processes, reflecting on your strategy using some key information and applying ideas from the course readings. In your essay, you reflect on your learning experience in this class. You have used links to three hyperlinks to relevant external content, and included a Works Cited list.  You have tweeted a link to your work using the #COM416 hashtag.  Suggested essay length: 1000 – 2000 words.



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