Chapter 2

  1. YouTuber Ginae Maul describes her second semester of college Experience! [Video],


  1. Stanford University’s Student combine play and learning! [Video],


  1. Professor Robert Alan Weiss illustrate the process of protein synthesis in a funny way! [Video],


  1. YouTuber YouArentBenjamin explain how to condense information with pivot table in Excel! [Video],


  1. College students remix a children’s picture book with the action adventure and the horror film genre! [Video],


Chapter 3

  1. Ad of Dove Campaign for Real Beauty [Video],


  1. Response to Dove Campaign for Real Beauty by Greenpeace [Video],


  1. College Student Jordanna Packtor summarizes the main ideas of her academic research paper using screencast  [Video],


  1. Penn State University’s app ‘One Button Studio’ [Website],


  1. The Power of Cartoon Marketing [Document, PDF],


  1. Animation ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ is an Australian public service announcement campaign  to promote rail safety. [Video],


Chapter 4

  1. Caitlin’s screencast about critically analyzing a kindergarten makeup tutorial [Video],

LINK (PAGE: 65-67)

Chapter 5

  1. Filmmaker Tiffany Shlain examines the shift in cultural values from independence to interdependence [Video],


  1. Henry Jenkins and his colleagues explicitly define play as a form of learning in the paper [Document, PDF],


Chapter 6

  1. College student Jake Glass try to raise awareness about the need to protect Scotchman Peaks in documentary filmen Plein Air’ [Video],


  1. Students explores the experiences of youth facing housing insecurity and the local programs that support them [Video],


  1. Doing Civics in the Digital Age: Casual, Purposeful and Strategic Approaches to Participatory Politics [Document, PDF],


  1. Test your implicit prejudices and bias with science! [Website],

LINK (PAGE: 102)

Chapter 7

  1. Create your own blogs or website: WordPress
  2. Create your own blogs or website: Weebly
  3. Create your own blogs or website: Wix
  4. What Makes a Weblog a Weblog? [Blog],

LINK (PAGE: 110)

Chapter 8

  1. Create your own podcast or record your digital audio! Opinion
  2. Create your own podcast or record your digital audio! Soundcloud
  3. Create your own podcast or record your digital audio! Chirbit
  4. In the podcast series, produced by Chicago Public Radio [Audio Recording],

LINK (PAGE: 125)

  1. Where is the Instagram for Audio?, [Document, HTML],

LINK (PAGE: 127)

  1. Ad of Wells Fargo Bank, ‘Password’. [Video],

LINK (PAGE: 129)

  1. Public service announcement about refugee, ‘Look Beyond Borders’ [Video],

LINK (PAGE: 129)

  1. Radio and television producer Ira Glass explain how do people create stories that compel interest [Video],

LINK (PAGE: 130)

  1. Radiolab’s Jad Abumrad on the “Radical Uncertainty” of Creating Something New. [Document, HTML],

LINK (PAGE: 135)

  1. Listen to Wikipedia: Listen to the sound of Wikipedia’s recent changes feed.  [Website],

LINK (PAGE: 135)

  1. Comedian Jimmy Kimmel to make people look stupid: Obamacare vs. Affordable Care Act [Video],

LINK (PAGE: 138)

Chapter 9

  1. Edit your images! Picmonkey
  2. Edit your images! Kizoa
  3. Edit your images! Sharalike

Chapter 10

  1. Visualize your data! Piktochart
  2. Visualize your data! am
  3. Visualize your data! ly
  4. Anna Rosling Rönnlund describe how to visually represent the diverse lifestyles and daily habits of people around the world in her TED talk [Video],

LINK (PAGE: 158)

  1. Dual coding theory and education [Document, PDF],

LINK (PAGE: 159)

  1. Big Data: 33 Brilliant and Free Data Sources for 2016 [Document, HTML],

LINK (PAGE: 164)

  1. An infographic about infographics. [Infographic],

LINK (PAGE: 167)

Chapter 11

  1. Create your own Vlogs or Screencasts: QuickCast
  2. Create your own Vlogs or Screencasts: Screencast-o-Matic.com
  3. Create your own Vlogs or Screencasts: Screencastify
  4. Create your own Vlogs or Screencasts: WeVideo
  5. YouTuber ‘Vlogbrothers’ reviews the mobile version of the game Monopoly, while also exploring the complicated history of the famous board game [Video],

LINK (PAGE: 175)

  1. Vlog: Austin Powers vs. James Bond – Epic Rap Battles of History, [Video],

LINK (PAGE: 181)

  1. YouTuber MissFenderr explain step-by-step tutorial on how she make her videos! [Video],

LINK (PAGE: 181)

  1. YouTuber Kimberly Turner explain how to create and edit videos! [YouTube Channel],

LINK (PAGE: 182)

  1. A high school student shares her experience about how making math videos prepared her for college [Document, HTML],

LINK (PAGE: 183)

  1. YouTuber Kat Blaque explain conflict and controversy is part of the economics of YouTube [Video],

LINK (PAGE: 186)

Chapter 12

  1. Produce your own video! Animato
  2. Produce your own video! Videolicious
  3. Produce your own video! WeVideo
  4. Produce your own video! Shadow Puppet
  5. College students’ documentary about coastal erosion [Video],

LINK (PAGE: 190)

  1. Abby Kent reflects on the function of glasses in her life [Video],

LINK (PAGE: 194)

  1. How to cook ‘Potato Pizza’, [Video],

LINK (PAGE: 195)

  1. Derek Muller holds the roundest object in the world! [Video],

LINK (PAGE: 195)

  1. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum on their special exhibit ‘The State of Deception’ about the history of Nazi Propaganda [Interactive Website],

LINK (PAGE: 203)

Chapter 13

  1. Create your own animation! OSnap!
  2. Create your own animation! PowToon
  3. Create your own animation! Moovly
  4. An animated story about Wi‐Fi Hero [Video],

LINK (PAGE: 209)

  1. Teacher DaRiceCooker’s short animation that he made for his class, IB Theory and Knowledge [Video],

LINK (PAGE: 212)

  1. Tell about how to being a good listener! [Video],

LINK (PAGE: 217)

  1. Principles of Animation Physics: Course Notes, [Document, PDF],

LINK (PAGE: 218)

  1. Mac Promo and Jad Abumrad explain what is the function of music [Video],

LINK (PAGE: 220)

Chapter 14

  1. Create your own remix! DJ
  2. Create your own remix! YouTubeMixer
  3. Create your own remix! Storify
  4. Gendered Advertising Remixer: Remixing the ad voice and image [Interactive Website],

LINK (PAGE: 223)

  1. ‘HitRecord’ web site, you can upload a piece of writing, an image, a sound loop, an infographic, or a video [Website],

LINK (PAGE: 228)

  1. An example video of shot‐by‐shot imitation for teaching film production: Love Language [Video],

LINK (PAGE: 228)

  1. Kirby Ferguson argues that copying, transforming, and combining are practices at the heart of creative practice [Video],

LINK (PAGE: 230)

  1. Skrillex proof that Justin Bieber did not steal his song ‘Sorry’ [Video],

LINK (PAGE: 230)

  1. Remix artist Mike Russell explain how to create remix! [YouTube Channel],

LINK (PAGE: 231)

  1. Undergraduate student Lauren Drinkard analyze the way that Hollywood films represent public health disasters [Video],

LINK (PAGE: 232)

  1. Anita Sarkeesian show how movement of the bodies of video game characters is inflected with gender stereotypes [Video],

LINK (PAGE: 233)

  1. John Oliver (HBO) observes that the American public sporadically cares about the issue of the economics of fashion [Video],

LINK (PAGE: 233)

  1. YouTuber Chris Rowe approaches a random woman and pranks them by kissing in public places [Video],

LINK (PAGE: 234)

  1. YouTuber ‘H3H3Productions’ criticize of Chris Rowe’s prank videos [Video],

LINK (PAGE: 234)

  1. Kirby Ferguson identifies 14 similarities between ‘The Force Awakens’ and ‘A New Hope’ [Video],

LINK (PAGE: 238)

Chapter 15

  1. Speak Up! Make A Gif
  2. Speak Up! Imgflip
  3. Speak Up! Vine
  4. Speak Up! Periscope
  5. Filmmaker Carla Dauden explain why she is not going to the World Cup! [Video],

LINK (PAGE: 250)

  1. Candy Chan explain her project ‘Before I die I want to…’ on TED talk [Video],

LINK (PAGE: 251)

  1. Media Literacy Educator Julie Smith explains the power of using Twitter as a form of personal and professional development [Video],

LINK (PAGE: 251)