Welcome to the Create to Learn Faculty Study Group. Under the leadership of Frank Romanelli and Carolyn Fortuna, we are exploring the uses of Create to Learn in higher education contexts in a variety of disciplines, including communication and media studies, teacher education, writing/composition and many other subject areas and fields. Contact Frank Romanelli at fromanelli@uri.edu to learn more about how to participate in this group. Members will receive a free copy of the book for review purposes.


  1. Register for an Account. This will enable you and your students to upload content to the website and to comment on examples shared here.
  2. Explore the Academic Content.  Review the Study Materials to access PPT slides, videos described in each chapter, and concepts and vocabulary words aligned with each chapter of the book.
  3. Explore Examples of Student-Created Media. You can filter and sort these examples by the nine types of media: websites/blogs, images,  digital audio/podcasting, images, infographics/data visualization, vlogs & screencasts, video production, animation, remix production and social media. You can comment on each example, offering warm and cool feedback. You can click on Authors to follow them.
  4. Upload Examples of Student-Created Media. Encourage students to upload their own examples as they create to learn with multimedia.
  5. Upload Examples of Instructor Materials. Click here to share an example of an assignment, activity or lesson that is aligned with the Create to Learn pedagogy.
  6. Offer Feedback and Share Ideas. Join a webinar to share your ideas or send feedback to our team as we discover how to support an online academic community of faculty and students who are creating media as a means to enhance and improve learning.


Professor Frank Romanelli has generously shared these chapter materials that he used in WRT235 Digital Writing and Rhetoric, taught at the University of Rhode Island in Fall 2018.

Digital Authorship Checklist: Google Form for Students

Reflect on Your Identity as a Digital Author  – Structured reflective writing from Chapter 1

Build a Creative Brief – Google Doc Assignment for Chapter 2

Critically Analyze a Mentor Text – Collaborative Writing Using a Google Form for Chapter 4



Professor Bridget Dalton has generously shared these chapter study guides, which support the learning of graduate students enrolled in a Literacy MA program.  These chapter-by-chapter guides offer creative strategies for current and future teachers to interact with and apply ideas from the book, the PPT slides, and the digital tools and platforms on this website.

CTL Chapters 1 & 2 Study Guide

CTL Chapter 3 Study Guide

CTL Chapter 4 Study Guide

CTL Chapters 5 – 6 Study Guide

CTL Study Guide Chapters 7, 13, 14, 15

CTL Chapter 8 Study Guide

CTL Chapters 9 – 10 Study Guide

CTL Study Guide Chapter 11 – 12

Join Us!

Online Webinar for Faculty Sharing

Check out the webinars and events page at the Media Education Lab to join us for generating ideas, discussing experiences and information sharing.

The Create to Learn Faculty Study Group held an online meeting on Monday, April 9, 2018 at 4 pm EST.  You can click here to access the recorded video.