Google Ads is a powerful platform, but it is very competitive, and for it to drive profitable customers, there are several tips that could be beneficial. The benefit of these courses is an even more in-depth understanding of how to setup your digital advertising campaigns, based on best practices to drive business growth. Below are some of my most popular blog posts: 14 Google Search Optimization Tips,30 Google Ads Questions and Answers,How to create a Google Ads Account

.As a former Googler, Yahoo!, Monster and Agency Lead, I’ve honed in the art of driving business growth through digital media and literally made my clients millions over the past 13 years.For my next endeavor I’m shifting focus to empower small and medium sized businesses drive growth via digital. I realize there is a lot out there (sites, agencies, consultants, etc.), and my goal is to help you cut through the clutter to focus on what will drive the most growth for your business, effectively on a reasonable budget, based on what has worked for my enterprise clients over the past decade. My approach isn’t cookie cutter, rather customize engagements based on what will have the biggest return for your business. This may include, Google Search, local directory optimization, remarketing, YouTube video promotion, Facebook advertising, or digital consultation.

Learn the latest digital advertising strategies to drive new customers for your business through my blog. This blog is updated every few weeks with strategies you can replicate for your business to drive more customers. These are strategies I’ve used over the years, and continue to implement for our clients at Rise Marketing Group. Several of the most popular topics include: Search Advertising, Facebook Advertising, Remarketing

Through DIYDigital several thousands of students take the courses, which focuses on Google Ads training (for now), but soon we’ll expand my offering to include courses on Facebook Ads, then eventually LinkedIn

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