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Want to learn something well? Make media to advance knowledge and gain new ideas.

You don’t have to be a communication professional to create to learn. Today, with free and low-cost digital tools, everyone can compose videos, blogs and websites, remixes, podcasts, screencasts, infographics, animation, remixes and more. By creating to learn, people internalize ideas and express information creatively in ways that may inspire others.

Create to Learn is a groundbreaking book that helps learners create multimedia texts as they develop both critical thinking and communication skills. Written by Renee Hobbs, one of the foremost experts in media literacy, this book introduces a wide range of conceptual principles at the heart of multimedia composition and digital pedagogy. Its approach is useful for anyone who sees the profound educational value of creating multimedia projects in an increasingly digital and connected world.


This website offers a variety of resources for students and instructors. You can:

  • Upload examples of media created by students and instructors
  • Share assignments and lesson plans
  • Access PowerPoint slides for each chapter
  • Use flashcards to help master definitions of key terms
  • Access video clips that are described in the book

Connect to Our Learning Community

After you Register to create an account, you can use the Design Studio button to access our favorite digital tools for composing. Explore the Examples page to access and share student-created videos, blogs and websites, remixes, podcasts, screencasts, infographics, animation and remixes. Comment on student work to offer warm and cool feedback. Click on Authors to follow them and comment on their work.

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